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Be Open (ACLU Donation) 8" x 10" Art Print

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Voting With Our Dollars 

100% of the profits from our Be Open print will be donated to the ACLU. For almost 100 years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. It feels like we need them now more than ever, and we know every dollar counts. Thank you for contributing yours. 


What can we do? 

When the world feels dark and like it's closing in (literally and figuratively for some of its citizens), what can we do? 

As citizens of this country, this economy, of this world - what can we do to take a stand and to make a difference? It feels overwhelming, doesn't it? So much to do, yet so little understanding of how to do it. But it starts with us. With me. With you. With each act, each word, each decision we make to not accept our new reality as our final reality. We make change one act, one word, and one decision at a time. 

And so, each day, I vow to have:

An open heart. To allow myself to accept and embrace what I feel, even when it's deep, and even when it hurts. To have empathy for others. To not allow "not my problem" to be not my problem. To let others in. 

An open mind. To understand all sides of the issues, and to not jump to conclusions. To do my best to strip away the bias and to see things how they truly are. To be thoughtful in my actions and my words, and to understand how they might unintentionally hurt others.

Open eyes. To truly see what's happening in this beautiful but broken world of ours. To step outside of my bubble and understand the issues we're really facing. To try to strip away the filter of my privilege so that I can acknowledge the reality of others.

Open hands. To do the work that's needed. To pull others up. To embrace those - anyone - who needs it. To hold the pain and grievance of those who carry it. 

Open heart. Open mind. Open eyes. Open hands. This is how I will start to make change. 


** Artist's Note **
This original painting was painted late at night during the first week of what felt (and feels) like true political turmoil. I was at a loss for how to raise my son to be a good, kindhearted person in the wake of what felt like so much hate and intolerance and inequality being put out into the world. I decided my stance, wrote my senators, and then had to put paint to paper as I literally felt my heart might burst from disappointment and sadness. This is what came out - a deep and dark stormy palette with a creed to teach him to live with an open heart, an open mind, open eyes, and open hands. Because that is the mindset that will bring the light and ride us out of this storm. 



This is a print of an original, hand-painted watercolor painting.

Size: 8" x 10"

Color: Washes of indigo, deep purple, charcoal grey, forest green and splatters of gold; text in white.


We love and support the environment – and our community.

This art print is printed on beautifully thick, slightly textured paper that feels special to the touch. Our paper is produced by wind power, is acid free, and was sourced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. 

Printed with love by our local, family run print shop partner in Massachusetts.

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  • 5
    Lovely message and artwork!

    Posted by Rachel on 7th Jul 2017

    I wanted this print the moment I saw it not only because of the beautiful message that is so appropriate for our current times, but also because of your commitment to give back to the ACLU. Thank you for creating this piece.