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Why our cards got a brand new look.

Posted by Melissa Wert on 14th Jun 2017

You may have noticed that our  new collection looks a little different. The watercolors are the same (although a few are a bit of style departure). The sentiments are the same (and will always be). But the font? Well, it's new (and it's not a font at all). The accent "font" on our new cards is my tried and true handwriting. 

Now, I know what you're saying. You loved the old font! The brush calligraphy was so pretty! It was perfect! And you're 100% right. It was beautiful. It is beautiful. And I still do love it. But like everything we do, there's always more to it than being beautiful and looking pretty. We like to - and feel like we have to - dig deeper.

The core of Print Therapy is authenticity. It's the sharing of honest, real emotions. It's finding truth in how you feel, and finding the words to say it. And there is nothing perfect about that. In real life our i's aren't always dotted, and our y's don't always loop the same exact way, and sometimes there's more, and sometimes less, space between letters. Between words. Between thoughts. Between feelings. Between people. 

And that is why we moved to hand lettering. It isn't perfect. It isn't manufactured. It isn't always the same. But it is real.  And that is exactly who we want to be. 


- m.