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Motherhood, Released | Welcome to Motherhood

Motherhood. It's something you have months and months to prepare for, and yet somehow, it still sneaks up on you. You spend so much time preparing for the baby to arrive, without really knowing that you should be prepared to change, too. And maybe that's because it's impossible to know how to prepare. There's no [...]

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Inspiration Love | Card Stories: Overdressed Overeducated

For a long time, I was a perpetual student. I started my undergraduate studies at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, studying architecture. It was a hard program to get into, and an even harder program to be in, and by my second year I realized that my love of pretty buildings far outweighed how much [...]

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Music Love | Different Colors

There are a lot of perks to running your own business. You set the hours. You set the product line. You set the entire direction of where your company goes and how it gets there. You decide the risks. You decide how badly you want the rewards. You decide it all. Well, you ... and [...]

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Inspiration Love | Card Stories: You Will Get Through This

There's nothing I can say about cancer that you haven't already thought, heard, or felt. There's nothing I can say about supporting someone who's facing their own battle with cancer that you haven't already thought, heard, or felt. There are no words. It's a struggle to articulate what you feel, to the depths that you [...]

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Music Love | You're My Best Friend

It's pretty nice, isn't it? Having that one person who always has your back. That person who brings out the best in you. That person who just makes you live.  Now, we're big fans of Queen in this house. This song actually played a part in our wedding day (hint: it involve cake cutting. Double hint: [...]

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Business Love | Why It's Okay to Evolve

There's a lot to be said for a business - and more importantly, for people - who know who they are, what they are, and stick to that for a lifetime's worth of decisions and choices. I am not one of those people, and Print Therapy is not one of those businesses.Personally, my evolution has [...]

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Inspiration Love | Card Stories: The Sweatpants to My DVR

Love brings a certain kind of comfort, doesn't it? Maybe in the beginning of your relationship you start out with the really cute sweats, hair piled on top of your hair in the expertly crafted messy bun that took you 45 minutes, 21 bobby pins and a 1/4 of a can of hairspray, makeup applied [...]

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Music Love | Renegades

Breaking the rules sounds so fun, doesn't it? Sort of. It sort of sounds fun. Okay. But not really. It actually sounds super un-fun to me. I am a rule follower through and through. Just ask my husband about the time he got me to sneak out of the exit that was marked as closed [...]

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Business Love | How Babies Change Business

  Babies bring change. That's a tried and true lesson that mothers and fathers the world over have proven time and time again. Babies bring change. And they bring a whole lot of it. As expecting or new parents, you expect changes to your lifestyle. You expect less sleep. You expect more love. You expect less time. [...]

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Business Love | Why We're Moving To A New Printer

Change is hard, am I right? Sometimes you make really great decisions, and then you stick with them ... even when they become un-great. You stick with them because it's easiest. You stick with them because you feel the guilt of needing to be loyal. You stick with them because it's one more thing on [...]

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