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Business Love | Why We're Moving To A New Printer

Change is hard, am I right? Sometimes you make really great decisions, and then you stick with them ... even when they become un-great. You stick with them because it's easiest. You stick with them because you feel the guilt of needing to be loyal. You stick with them because it's one more thing on [...]

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Music Love | Love Is Hard

When I first heard this song, I will admit - I didn't get it. It seemed like such an anti-love song to me. What do you mean love is hard? Shouldn't you be singing about the wonderful, beautiful moments of love? But then I got married, and I started to get it. And then, then I became [...]

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Wedding Love | Our Wedding Anniversary

Three years. Three long, yet short, amazing years. I remember our wedding day so incredibly clearly, like it was yesterday. In some ways, it feels as though we've been married for our whole lives, always together. In other ways, the three years have flown by, and I cannot believe we're already at another anniversary. I am [...]

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Baby Love | Our Best Addition Yet - Hello, Baby Ryan!

While many of our stationery friends were preparing big product launches and ushering in new business at the National Stationery Show, we were busy preparing for an addition of a different kind - our son Ryan. Although he wasn't supposed to make his grand entrance until the end of June, he decided to show us [...]

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Feeling It Friday | May 22nd, 2015

I love a good celebration, and I enjoy all of the planning that goes along with it (and by enjoy, I mean it stresses me out because let's be real, there's never enough time - but I love bringing all of the pieces together). As a society, we're tuned in to celebrating the big life [...]

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Feeling It Friday | May 15th 2015

Date nights. They're wonderful, but they look a heck of a lot different today than they used to. And with our first baby due in just six short weeks, I'm pretty sure we're on the verge of them changing again. Long, leisurely dinners filled with bottles of wine and nights spend dancing have been replaced [...]

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Media Love | PT on Real Simple

Remember that time Real Simple featured two Print Therapy greeting cards on their 15 Graduation Cards That Say Way More Than "Congratulations" post? Yeah, we're still pinching ourselves too. And dancing around the kitchen. And giving out high fives to anyone who even remotely has their hand in the correct position to receive one. We are honored [...]

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Baby Love | We've Got Stars In Our Eyes - Baby Shower Invitations

A few weeks ago we gave you a sneak peek of the baby shower invitations I designed for - yes, my own baby shower. It was a little bit of a chicken / egg situation, and I honestly can't remember who asked first, whether my mom asked if I was interested in designing them, or if [...]

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Feeling It Friday! May 8th, 2015

Someone (probably super famous) said once that if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough. I used to find a lot of fault with this phrase. Who's to say that my dreams have to scare me? Why can't they just motivate me, pushing me to new things? Any why do my dreams have [...]

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Feeling It Friday! May 1st 2015

"I heard a song today that reminds me of you."I can't tell you how many times Nick and I have uttered that very phrase to each other over the years. Sometimes it's a popular song on the radio; other times, it's a bit more obscure and is something that just happened to pass by our [...]

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