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Feeling It Friday! April 24th, 2015

Earlier this week we lived through The Great Chase of 2015. Our sweet pup Sawyer, while hanging out in the kitchen, caught a whiff of what I can only describe as the Most. Massive. Rabbit ... Ever. I heard Nick let him outside, and then come r-u-n-n-i-n-g into the PT office searching frantically for a [...]

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And Suddenly, Everything Has Changed

Like many of our designs, last year I designed this card around the relationship between Nick and I. Quite often I look at him and feel like together, we can overcome anything. That we have everything we need in the love and strength we've built together to get through whatever life has to offer us (or, quite often, [...]

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Baby Love | Baby Shower Invitations - The Sneak Peek

At almost 29 weeks pregnant, I've read a lot about what the female body goes through to prepare for both delivery and new life with baby. I'll spare you the details (heck, some of them I wish I didn't know), but I'll tell you one thing - third trimester sleep deprivation is real. Many a [...]

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Feeling It Friday! April 2, 2015

It's Feeling It Friday! The sun is shining (well, not really, but almost), and, it's finally ... SPRING! Real, over 35 degrees, you can get away with not warming up your car, spring. Despite fears that it would stay forever, our snow is almost melted, the winter jackets are almost put away, and we're busy [...]

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New PT Retail Partner - Sparklefly Candle Company

We're so excited to share the launch of a very special partnership! You can now find Print Therapy cards on Sparklefly Candle Company's website. Head over to Sparklefly for a delicious array of candles and flameless sparkle stones, and pick up a PT card while you're there for one stop shopping! Thank you, Anne and the entire [...]

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The (Increased) Price of Sending Happiness - The USPS Price Increase

Well, our friends at USPS are at it again. They've announced a 2015 postage price increase, effective April 26, 2015. While not unexpected, price increases can often feel icky and frustrating - we understand that for sure. As a small business, every penny spent matters, and an increase on something non negotiable such as shipping [...]

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Feeling It Friday! March 27, 2015

Almost five year ago I met Nick, in a dingy little bar where a friend's band Hearts & Thieves was playing. I was wearing my most favorite pair of Nikes, and although I wasn't in a backless dress (hello tank top and jeans), I impressed him then and there with my sweet dance moves. We've been together [...]

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Welcome To The New Print Therapy

We've had a very very busy start to 2015 here at Print Therapy and first of foremost we'd like to apologize for our lack of blog and newsletter updates over the last few months.  Thanks for sticking around as we take some big leaps forward in our lives and also in the world of PT. [...]

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The Creative Me

For a long time I thought that all that I needed to make my world go round was a business degree and a fancy schmancy title. I’d look so chic in a pencil skirt. I’d make the big decisions. I’d take the risks worth taking and every day I would help shape the fate of [...]

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July Send Love 2014

For July's Send Love . Share Love release, we are proud to support Girls Inc. which inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. In honor of Compliment Your Mirror Day - July 3rd, 50% of our "Be Anything, Do Everything"profits will be donated to Girls Inc.Girls Inc. creates life-changing programs and experiences that [...]

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