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Invest in What Matters: May's Kiva Loan

Posted by Melissa Wert on 27th May 2018

I'm starting a new initiative over here, and it's something I'm so, so excited about. If you've been around these parts  for a while, you may remember that we did a Kiva Loan almost a year ago. Many of you loaned to us (THANK YOU I LOVE YOU), and the process is something that changed my business in the most amazing way. You see, the money was lovely (and necessary), but knowing hundreds of people support you in what you do? And that they support you enough to toss $25 or more hard earned bucks your way? That feeling is priceless. And it's an honor to think about playing a small part of creating that feeling for someone else.

So that's what I'm going to do. Each month I'll pick a new entrepreneur to send $25 to. $25  may sound small, but it's a prime example of people moving mountains when they work together. My $25 may not do much on its own, but if 150 people send that entrepreneur $25 (and trust me - people can, and they do), then that loan can make the most amazing difference in that entrepreneur's life.

You may have noticed I said loan, and not donation. That's intention. Kiva is a micro-loan funding platform. As a lender, the money you lend a business is paid back, month by month, by the lendee. You're free to re-invest or withdraw that money as repayment is made. It's a financing process not found through other organizations, and it's opening a lot of doors for small business owners looking to make a bigger impact than their personal wallets can sustain at the time. You can learn more about Kiva here

This month I'm kicking off our Kiva initiative with a loan to one of my favorite people. She's a business-owning, RV-living, wiener-dog-momma spitfire of a woman, and I could not be happier to invest in her dream. Say hello to Angie of bobo design studios!

Wondering how Angie is going to use her loan? A Kiva Loan will help me to build my brand in my hometown and to contribute to my community in a way that transcends the tech world. This money will help me scale my business as I have recently been accepted to be a featured maker in a new retail space in Downtown San Jose (the first non-food retail space in the area. I plan to use this money to hire manufacturers to make new product for me, buy new materials and inventory, and to assist in covering my storefront rent during my residency at Moment SJ. This gives me the financial freedom to focus on the parts of my business I need to be focused on. Helping a woman owned business AND her community? Sign. Me. Up. 

Women supporting women is close to my heart, and this woman right here is proud to support that woman right there. She's smart, kind, determined, and funny as hell, and I know without a doubt that she's meant to do big things. It's a privilege to help her get there.

Read more about Angie's story, and become a lender if you feel so inclined. Stay tuned to see who I lend to in June!