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Our Story


We started Print Therapy out of love – a love that values the every day moments, commitments, and victories as much, if not more, than the milestone celebrations. A love that is simple, and real, and gets to the heart of the matter without losing the actual heart of that matter. We love love. We love it in all of its joy. In its celebration. In its victories. But we deeply understand its power in the deeper, darker moments too. In those moments when you desperately need a word of comfort, an acknowledgement of pain, an infusion of hope, or permission to feel - love can do that, too. 

We celebrate the joy, and the release, found only in love. We believe in the power of written and shared emotion. We honor the importance of an honest and heartfelt connection. Our mission? To give you those needed words in the times that fill your heart with joy, but also in the times that are trying, and to do so in a way that allows your loved ones to revisit your words in the moments that matter most. 

We are all about real love, in real life. There's nothing more powerful. We hope you'll join us. 


Melissa & Nick





An apothecary used to be the place to go to find the solution to your ailments. It’s genuine, classic, and simple. It was  a place to go to find what you need, even when you weren’t sure what you needed. We really connected with that feeling but wanted to put a paper twist on it. We are the place people come when they need a love letter. A sincere apology. A heartfelt “thinking of you” note. Instead of filling medicinal needs, we are filling emotional ones. The idea behind Print Therapy has always been to help people put their emotions onto paper, to be treasured and kept forever. At an apothecary, you’d fill your jars with medicine, herbs, and elixirs. At Print Therapy, we’ll help fill you up your inner jar with letters of love, hope, and the things that make you feel good. We are your feel good paper apothecary.



[all family images on print-therapy.com courtesy of the amazing Megan Fuss Photography]




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