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The What Matters 2018 Monthly Desk Calendar

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It's easy to forget to focus on what matters.  The laundry piles up. The groceries need to be shopped for. The kids need to go to soccer practice. The endless work meetings. You need to drop the dry cleaning off. And don't forget running to the post office, the hardware store, Target, the pharmacy, and hopefully stopping for pizza on the way home so that at least there will be dinner on the table. The list is endless, isn't it? So often life feels so over run by the "must do's" that it can be hard to slow down enough to focus on what really matters most.

But what if you had a daily reminder to help keep what matters close to you heart? Not what matters to someone else, or what someone else tells you should matter to you, but what you've decided matters most to you. A note on your desk - more elegant than a post it note, more practical than a message written on the back of a receipt - to look at when you're sending emails, looking through paperwork, and paying bills? Our What Matter Monthly Desk Calendar is designed to do just that.


»» How to Use the What Matters Calendar «« 

Each calendar page includes a "What Matters" box. How you use it is up to you, but we hope you write the things that matter most to you, as an every day reminder and an every day cue to focus your energy on them.  Some ideas include: mantras, memories, monthly focuses, goals, birthdays, workout schedules, baby milestones, favorite songs, forget-me-nots, phrases your children say. The space is yours and it belongs to you. Write down whatever matters to you.

When the month is over, save those calendar pages as a reminder and a memory of what that month held for you. You can scrapbook them, use them as a bookmark, or maybe keep them in a keepsake box. Or maybe if you're a bit more minimalist, at the end of each month you read back what mattered most to you, bless it, and release it. However you choose to honor and remember what matters, let the monthly calendar pages help you. 


»» Details ««

Contains 12 calendar month pages, one title page, and one handcrafted, custom stained wood stand.

Calendar Pages: 5" x 5"

Stand Dimensions: 4" x 4" x .75"

This calendar is designed from 13 hand painted watercolor paintings and a heartfelt sentiment. Get to the heart of the matter, without losing the heart of the matter


»» Print & Paper ««

We love and support the environment – and our community.

Each calendar page is printed on beautifully thick, slightly textured paper that feels special to the touch and is easy to write on. Our paper is produced by wind power, is acid free, and was sourced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

Printed with love by our local, family run print shop partner.


»» Shipping & Delivery ««

This calendar is in stock and ready to be shipped! Shipping includes tracking and delivery confirmation. We do our very best to ship orders out next day.